Do you know what Chlorogenic Acid in green coffee bean extract is ?

green-coffee-bean-extractGreen coffee has become a drink of choice among those who seek to lose weight, boost energy levels and reduce bad cholesterol in the body. The reason green coffee works so well is because of the chlorogenic acid that is in the green coffee. Chlorogenic acid is also high in antioxidants that prevent free radicals from spreading through the body and causing harm to the immune system. This acid has anti-inflammatory qualities and this is why some people drink green coffee to treat rheumatic illnesses such as arthritis. Here are more benefits of the chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract.

Reduces Hypertension

The chlorogenic acid in green coffee also reduces hypertension according to a few medical studies. Medical researchers conducted studies on the effects of green coffee on humans and rats and they concluded that this coffee decreased blood pressure in humans. If your doctor just told you that you have hypertension or at risk of developing it, start drinking green coffee. In addition to the green coffee, you should also cut back on your sodium intake and sugar intake during the week.

Weight Loss and Diabetes Prevention

Obesity and diabetes are interrelated and when you gain a significant amount of weight, you increase your chances of getting diabetes. You should reduce your risks by drinking green coffee because the chlorogenic acid in it helps you lose weight and decrease diabetes development. Green coffee bean extract suppresses your appetite and it blocks the carbs you ate from becoming fat in the body. If you replace soft drinks with cold green coffee, you can lose weight over a period of time.

Eco Friendliness of Green Coffee

If you are a nature lover, here is another reason why you should drink green coffee that contains chlorogenic acid for health benefits. Green coffee is manufactured according to high environmental standards and this means the green coffee beans are grown, harvested and manufactured without artificial toxins, pesticides or anything else that harms your body after you drink the green coffee. This is why you must be careful when you buy green coffee from certain manufacturers because you want to make sure that it is certified organic and that it is manufactured according to federal standards.


When you take advantages of the benefits of chlorogenic acid in green coffee, you reduce chances of weight loss because this substance acts as an appetite suppressant. You can buy green coffee at natural health stores, online retailers and some of the major supermarkets. You can drink green coffee along with your breakfast and with your other meals during the day. Another idea is to make green coffee ice cubes to put in your glass when you drink water. Along with the green coffee, you can also take green coffee supplements or the extract as a way to get an energy boost. Green coffee still has a considerable amount of caffeine so you do not want to drink it in excess, particularly if you struggle with cardiovascular problems.